They Have No Clue!

Once again the people whose socialist candidate, Hillary Clinton, lost the election in November are, like Chicken Little, screaming that “the sky is falling” because President Donald Trump is preparing to do what he said he would do in the election – repeal and replace the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010. I prefer to call it the Unaffordable Care Act, and I’m not the only one. read more

More Calling Out High Health Care Costs

Update on the video interview I previously linked here: Apparently it has been removed from YouTube. I tweeted Tucker Carlson to find out why. I hope he actually answers. I have this fear that there may have been some crony insurance company/health care system pressure on Fox News to remove it, or maybe the copyright really did just run out, which is the original claim when I looked into it. It’s weird though. In all this time I have been posting videos and articles on different platforms, I don’t remember seeing one disappear. This is definitely a first for me. read more

More Taxpayer Theft by Non-Profit Hospitals

I have discussed a couple of facets of the ride on which Americans are being taken as they have had the impression drilled into them that non-profit hospitals are these innocuous, charitable, caring organizations dedicated to the health of their patients and surrounding communities. I believe that many of the people who work in these facilities – doctors, nurses, radiology technicians, etc. – ARE truly dedicated to helping to restore health to the patients for whom they are caring. It’s the leadership of these facilities that, I would contend, have less than ideal motivations. And if their motivations are so altruistic why are they content to feed at the tax-exempt public trough while overcharging patients? read more

Why Do Non-profit Hospitals Pay Their Administrators Huge Salaries?

As I seek to expose the less humanitarian side of non-profit hospitals, one subject that has come up quite a bit in my reading is the ridiculous salaries paid to chief executive officers and other administrators in these hospitals that are supposedly so dedicated to their communities. read more