It’s Not Over Till It’s Over

The past week or so has certainly been a roller coaster ride, with ups and downs and twists and turns, when it comes to the fate of the effort to repeal and replace the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (otherwise known as Obamacare). In the build-up to a possible full House of Representatives vote on the American Health Care Act (to replace Obamacare), the talk was thick and fast about the possibility of the bill passing. President Donald Trump had launched an all-out hard sell push while Speaker of the House Paul Ryan worked over his Republican colleagues in the House. read more

Episode 2 of Obamacare Repeal and Replacement – Help!

In my ongoing analysis of the American Health Care Act, it did not take me long at all to get stuck figuring out the next section with the header “Community Health Center Program.” While I appreciate the fact that Congress did make the text of the Affordable Care Act repeal and replacement bill available to the public (unlike someone who shall remain nameless in terms of the Unaffordable Care Act, but her initials are Rep. Nancy Pelosi), I wish it were a little easier for a peon like me to understand. read more