About Me

Hi! I am Cathy Wentz. I have started this blog because of my passion for freedom in the way that medical and surgical care are delivered and paid for. My experience includes working as a full-time, multi-subject reporter (one of my beats was health care) for The Spectrum/Cedar City Daily News in Cedar City, Utah. I have most recently worked for Cedar Orthopaedic Surgery Specialty Clinic and Cedar Orthopaedic Surgery Center where I have learned how patients can be deprived of their choice in physicians and much freedom because of the perfect storm of Obamacare implementation and anti-competitive behavior by large hospital systems. My goal is to show people how the free market in medical care will vastly out-perform government controlled health care and, I believe, bring down the cost of medical care while providing improved access for everyone, especially the middle class and poor. Join me as we (hopefully) take a journey into the delivery of high-quality and more affordable health care.

As a little update to my biography, I recently joined the Free Market Medical Association and traveled to Oklahoma City in August of 2017 for my first conference with this awesome group of buyers and sellers of medical and surgical care. It was truly an educational experience that I hope to enjoy in future years as well.