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Perspective From Those in the Trenches



As I have educated myself about a lot of the issues with health care delivery and payment in the course of my employment with Dr. Randy Delcore and my own blogging efforts, I owe a lot of what I have learned to connecting with doctors and health policy experts on several of the social media platforms. I feel that many of those blogs and articles I have come across in that process, especially those written by doctors who work in the trenches of our health care system daily, lend even more insight than I can provide from my perspective as an average non-medical citizen observing the many dysfunctions AND innovative models present in our current health care environment. I will use these “expert posts”  to provide links to those blogs and articles with the purpose of providing an even richer understanding of how to improve the U.S. system of health care delivery with that great American pioneer spirit.

Expert Post by Dr. Niran Al-Agba


I follow pediatrician Dr. Niran Al-Agba, pictured here, on Twitter (Twitter handle – MommyDoc, @silverdalepeds), and I also receive email notifications whenever she adds a new post to her blog. I believe that the post I am linking to here on my blog is VERY important for people (and our national leaders) to know because it explains one of several drivers of high costs for health care, so I decided to go ahead and do something that was already suggested to me for my blog – establish an “Expert Posts” category where I will post links to blog posts and articles I feel strongly moved to share outside of the customary source linking I do for my posts.