Single Payer Advocates in U.S. Need Reality Check

As the people of the United States try to correct the disastrous effects of the Affordable (more like Unaffordable) Care Act, the single payer advocates have become not-so-strangely noisier than ever, and what a coincidence because Senator Bernie Sanders introduced a proposal in September to establish a socialist system of single payer health care fondly known by the leftists as “Medicare for All.” read more

The Ideology of Single Payer “Health Care” Ignores History and Reality

Ever since Senator Bernie Sanders proposed his “Medicare for All” single payer “health care” plan in the Senate last month, with at least 15 Democratic supporters, the liberals have been crowing over it and all its supposed benefits. One would think that single payer (i.e. socialism) is this great utopia in which everyone is truly on equal footing. However, the experience of history has not borne out this ideology. read more

California Cannot Get Single Payer “Health Care” Together Either

As Senator Bernie Sanders and his leftist cronies advocate their “Medicare for All” scheme for the entire United States in a push that started Sept. 13, I have already discussed failures in two primarily blue (Democrat) states to implement single payer “health care.” Once again, I use quotes around the term “health care” because the health part of the term is highly questionable as I have outlined in a previous post. read more

If Single Payer Health Care Is So Great Why Did Nearly 80 Percent of Coloradans Reject It?

As promised,  I am continuing to rip up the Senator Bernie Sanders “Medicare For All” plan. I will explore a little kink in the assumption of the single payer popularity myth that was certainly exposed in last November’s general election in Colorado where single payer “health care” managed to make it to the ballot. read more