More Calling Out High Health Care Costs

Update on the video interview I previously linked here: Apparently it has been removed from YouTube. I tweeted Tucker Carlson to find out why. I hope he actually answers. I have this fear that there may have been some crony insurance company/health care system pressure on Fox News to remove it, or maybe the copyright really did just run out, which is the original claim when I looked into it. It’s weird though. In all this time I have been posting videos and articles on different platforms, I don’t remember seeing one disappear. This is definitely a first for me.

Upon discovering the removal of that video, I found an article/editorial by Steven Weissman about the way health care cost discrepancies and manipulations between insurers and “health care” systems are the real problem with insurance coverage (in terms of premium costs). It is the same information that Tucker Carlson covered with Weissman in the video interview that got removed. Better yet, there is a petition you can sign to get some action regarding pricing practice changes. Here’s the link.

When Congress (hopefully) debates the repeal of Obamacare, I hope they consider this situation, which is one of the drivers of the high cost of health care. It’s not the only one, of course. I felt it was very important to link this video on my blog because it is so timely and goes right to the heart of our problems.

I have posted this interview just about everywhere I have a platform – my blog, my Facebook page and my Twitter page. Now I will let everybody chew on this over the weekend and I will be back next week to write about what should happen in the repeal of Obamacare.

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