Trying to Foist Single Payer on Us Again!

Despite recent failures in at least three states, over the last few years, to establish some kind of single payer “health care” system, that Senator Bernie Sanders so fondly refers to as “Medicare for All,” Sanders has once again proposed it for the entire United States. This seems to be a rather irrational idea because even when a strong effort was made in Bernie’s home state of Vermont to get such a system established, it failed abjectly.

Sanders, an Independent from Vermont, introduced a bill Wednesday (9/13) that would basically cover all American citizens (and, from what I have been hearing on the news, some non-citizens). By the way, how did Bernie manage to run for President as a Democrat when he has been an Independent? Writer Linda Qui answers the question in a Politifact article,  by saying that because his home state of Vermont does not require voters to be registered with a political party, Bernie can remain officially unaffiliated while calling himself a Democrat for the sake of his presidential bid. How convenient!

According to a Washington Post article by David Weigel, “the bill would revolutionize America’s health care system, replacing it with a public system that would be paid for by higher taxes.” Standard care such as emergency surgery,  prescription drugs, mental health and eye care, would be covered, and there would be no copayments.

The Post article also reports that Americans younger than 18 years of age would be covered immediately and would receive universal Medicare cards. Then Americans who are not currently covered by Medicare would be “phased into the program over a four-year period.”

Just a little editorializing here – I am sure that any bill by Bernie will revolutionize anything in America. Think Russian Revolution. No thanks! Then what about those of us adults not currently covered by Medicare that refuse to accept Bernie’s socialized medicine scheme? Are we going to have to build our own underground medical system?

Now this is where the real cluelessness of the loony left starts. The Post article states that private insurance would remain, only it would have fewer customers, and would only be used for elective  procedures such as cosmetic surgery.

Here is a hint, oh clueless ones. Cosmetic surgery is not currently covered by most insurances. When it is an elective procedure, it is a cash pay proposition, and that market is functioning very well in terms of price competition and affordability. If cosmetic surgery is covered at all, it is for reconstructive surgery resulting from injuries or conditions that may have drastically disfigured people.  So what is it, oh clueless Bernie and company? Is elective cosmetic surgery going to be taken over by a third party that will only succeed in making it more expensive?

In this post and the next two, I will do a rundown of the three most recent (and resounding) failures of single payer coverage to take hold in single states. Let’s start with Bernie’s home state of Vermont.

An article by Sarah Wheaton in Politico, examines the collapse of the single payer ideology in Vermont (for now). It states that Governor Pete Shumlin put the kaibosh on single payer health “coverage” in Vermont, saying that the state couldn’t pay for it. Politico reports that Shumlin said it is not the right time for Vermont to pass a single payer health care system.

His reasoning? He realized that the 11.5 percent payroll assessments on business and sliding premiums that could go as high as 9.5 percent of individuals’ income could hurt the state’s economy. So when would such tax increases NOT hurt the economy, may I ask?

The Politico article quotes Jack Mozloom, spokesman for the National Federation of Independent Business, as saying, “If cobalt blue Vermont could not find a way to make single-payer happen, then it’s very unlikely that any other state will.” He added, “There will never be a good time for a massive tax increase on employers and consumers in Vermont, so they should abandon that silly idea and get serious.”

Bernie and his leftist Democrat cronies are always big fans of silly ideas, not to mention government central planning because, of course, no one is as intelligent as our government leaders, right? I guess us peons who are not in government are just too stupid to make our own health care decisions, at least according to Bernie and his cohorts. Oh yes, and according to Jonathan Gruber, one of the architects of Obamacare.

I think I will tackle Colorado’s epic fail to pass single payer “health care” during last November’s election in my next post.

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