The United States of America is at a crossroad in figuring out how to make sure that every citizen. no matter what their situation is in life, has some kind access to medical care, when needed, and the assurance that they can receive care in an emergency or onset of a life-threatening illness.

This country was founded on the principle that every citizen has the basic rights to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” as outlined in the Declaration of Independence that severed us from British rule and set in course a nation like no other.  These basic three principles are valuable to every American, even if they do not realize it.

Personal liberty is the very core of American life, but how do we apply it when it comes to the delivery of medical care? I use the term “medical care” because there is actually a difference between that and “health care,” although the term “health care” has become very widely used. I learned that principle from a video blog by Dr. Keith Smith, founder of Surgery Center of Oklahoma, who I will refer to periodically in my blog posts because he has taught me a great deal as I have studied his approach to free market medicine. I will also occasionally mention another mentor, my former employer (now client), Dr. Randy Delcore, independent owner and medical director of Cedar Orthopaedic Surgery Specialty Clinic and Cedar Orthopaedic Surgery Center, who is a champion of patient choice when it comes to the provision of the best and most affordable care.

I believe that, unless a person is disabled or too young or old to make rational personal decisions, “health care” is the responsibility of each individual. We should make our own decisions regarding our health based on the best information available. We should also have the right to choose who takes care of our needs when it comes to maintaining our health or treating an illness or injury. Additionally, we have the right to make our own decisions regarding whether and how to prepare for the eventuality of needing more expensive care than the average citizen can manage, and it is wise to do our best to prepare for such eventualities.

Although there were many issues with the delivery of medical care before the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (also known as Obamacare), I would contend that this law has made the payment and delivery of medical care  only more difficult for many, although there are others who have come to depend on it.

In this blog, I propose to examine the various beliefs, systems and ideas regarding the provision of medical care in all its forms and propose my own thoughts regarding free market medical care as the best system – with my reasons for believing that. There are so many different aspects to this subject that I have divided them up into two basic categories (for now) that you can find at the top menu – Obamacare and Health Care Issues. I may divide them up even more specifically as this blog grows.

I look forward to engaging with my readers as I explore the best ways to deliver medical care in this country. I welcome your comments on my posts. Even if we disagree on these issues, I think a robust discussion regarding this very important subject is helpful for all who care deeply about it.  Also, if you would like updates every time I add a post or any future informational offers I may provide, please subscribe to my email service.