California Cannot Get Single Payer “Health Care” Together Either

As Senator Bernie Sanders and his leftist cronies advocate their “Medicare for All” scheme for the entire United States in a push that started Sept. 13, I have already discussed failures in two primarily blue (Democrat) states to implement single payer “health care.” Once again, I use quotes around the term “health care” because the health part of the term is highly questionable as I have outlined in a previous post. read more

If Single Payer Health Care Is So Great Why Did Nearly 80 Percent of Coloradans Reject It?

As promised,  I am continuing to rip up the Senator Bernie Sanders “Medicare For All” plan. I will explore a little kink in the assumption of the single payer popularity myth that was certainly exposed in last November’s general election in Colorado where single payer “health care” managed to make it to the ballot. read more

Trying to Foist Single Payer on Us Again!

Despite recent failures in at least three states, over the last few years, to establish some kind of single payer “health care” system, that Senator Bernie Sanders so fondly refers to as “Medicare for All,” Sanders has once again proposed it for the entire United States. This seems to be a rather irrational idea because even when a strong effort was made in Bernie’s home state of Vermont to get such a system established, it failed abjectly. read more

The Issue of Profit in Health Care – Part Two

In my last post, I tackled the issue of profit in health care because this is among the main talking points when people say that the United States needs to have a single payer “health care” system so that the profit motive is removed. They mistakenly believe that such a system will guarantee access to medical care for everyone, usually using the reasoning of greed in the delivery of health care. read more

The Issue of Profit in Health Care – Part One

I cannot even begin to count the number of times I have read comments and posts from people on social media, or in response to articles, where someone says that health care should not be for profit. Yes, on its surface, it sounds like a very noble sentiment. But that is just the surface. read more