The Free Market and The Poor

Close up of female African American doctor holding patient’s hand

I have written in the past about the issue of the poor in the free market, and after a rather long thread of discussion on Twitter last Friday, I believe that it is time to revisit this subject, because I do not feel like those with low incomes need to be left out of the free market movement for health care or kept from receiving the care they need. read more

Naysayers Seem to Fear the Free Market

I recently found an article through Twitter about how President Donald Trump is working on policies to open up some free market health care in a couple of ways. This is no surprise because he signed an executive order a few months ago (when Congress failed abysmally in getting a repeal to Obamacare passed). read more

Why Do People Insist on Making Health Care Equal With Coverage?

Close up of female African American doctor holding patient’s hand

Dr. Keith Smith, co-founder of both the Surgery Center of Oklahoma and, more recently, the Free Market Medical Association, recently published an editorial article on the website for the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons entitled, “‘Coverage’ Isn’t ‘Care.'” read more

Don’t Let Your Health Insurance Company Take You to the Cleaners

With Obamacare being constantly challenged under the administration of President Donald Trump, more information is coming out about the corruption of the health care industry and collusion between large “health care” providers and insurance companies to keep prices high. read more